9 Reasons why Ideal Protein is a Better Way to Lose Weight

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  1. A unique protocol: Ideal Protein is a ketogenic weight loss protocol that resets the body to burn fat empowering weight loss for long-lasting health. Our three-phase, scientifically developed, structured approach combined with one-on-one coaching helps you lose weight and learn, step-by-step, how to keep the weight off.
  2. Our protein is proprietary: If you’ve dieted before, you may know a diet low in carbs with the right amount of protein is ideal for optimal weight loss. But not all protein is created equal. Our protein is of high biological value and contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s delivered in an “isolate” form which is absorbed and assimilated faster to preserve muscle mass and protect metabolism, helping you reach your goals in a healthy, holistic way. If it doesn’t say Ideal Protein brand, then its not!
  3. Carbohydrates can prevent weight loss: Everyone is talking about carbs when it comes to weight loss, but here are a few facts that transcend the hype and tell the real story. The body employs energy from three reserves: glycogen (carbohydrates), protein and fats. First the body depletes its carbohydrate reserves, then it turns to protein and fat reserves for energy. Because our body’s first preference is sugar (carbohydrates), it will not utilize any other energy source if sugar is available. In order to compel our metabolism to switch over to fat-burning, the body must deplete its glycogen stores (which, depending on genetics and muscle mass, can take 1–3 days) and start breaking down protein to “make” sugar, which is limited and temporary. With no other energy options available, the body transitions into fat burning.
    Carbohydrate restriction is the core principle of the Ideal Protein protocol, and deviating from the protocol can bring ketosis and fat loss to a halt. Your body will gladly switch back to sugar burning if sugar suddenly becomes available, so it’s imperative to keep that from happening.
  4. The insulin story: Ideal Protein founder, Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, notes that the cause of most weight gain in modern life is insulin dysfunction. A diet high in saturated fats and sugars found in foods such as bread, cereals, muffins, cakes, pastries, pasta, pizza, rice and corn causes the pancreas to produce an overabundance of insulin, which stays in the system and puts the blood sugar levels in a negative balance. An overproduction of insulin can also lead to hypoglycemia or low glycemia which can create sugar cravings and weight gain. Our protocol will help get your insulin levels back in balance so you can see and feel real results.
  5. It’s user-friendly: Our protocol is designed for busy lives. You’ll be a pro in no time and with our easy-to-prepare, on-the-go food selection, you won’t have to guess about what you can and can’t eat. If you follow the protocol, you will lose weight. And if you don’t cheat, you’ll meet your goals sooner than expected.
  6. What’s on the menu: We know you’re going to love our fan favorite Vanilla Crispy Squares, Nacho Cheese Dorados and all of our fantastic foods. Whether you’re sweet, savory, or salty, we have you covered with a delicious variety of foods to keep you satisfied and stave off food fatigue. Our food program is the centerpiece of our weight loss protocol.
  7. Our supplemental support: By supplementing the protocol with nutrient-rich
    supplements, we replace the micronutrients found in many of the Phase 1 restricted foods (like fruit and dairy). Our Ideal Protein Multi-Vita, Cal-Mag, Omega 3 Plus and Potassium offer your system the support you need.
  8. We’re in this together: In each weekly 1:1 coaching session, you can expect support, guidance and encouragement as you progress through the weight loss phases. You are never alone in this process, and we walk with you every step of the way to ensure your confidence, education and success. We also know you are busy living your life, so your weekly check-ins are generally half an hour or less.
  9. Life after weight loss: Many of our clients worry about what will happen after they reach their goals, and we understand. Our three-phase approach allows you to learn how to stabilize your new
    weight against your body’s natural response. Through ongoing education and the reintroduction of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, you will be hitting the reset button by rebooting sustainable eating habits and behaviors to support your long-term success. You will also be able to continue to receive support and stay connected to your coach and clinic whenever you need a “tune-up.”

If you live in Arlington, Everett, Lynwood, Lake Stevens, Marysville, or Mukilteo and want earn more about Ideal Protein and whether or not it is right for you, call us.

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