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We know how important it is to keep things fresh when you’re on Ideal Protein Phase -1. With Air Fryers gaining in popularity, we thought we would share with you some ways to more easily roast your veggies for variety.

Roasting vegetables doesn’t have to be hard, in all cases you can simply spray with or toss your vegetables in olive oil.

SInce all Air Fryers aren’t the same – we recommend that you set the cook time to HALF the total cook time to toss/stir/roll the vegetables so that they brown evenly.

Good Luck!

Our Favorite IP Phase-1 Veggies and How We Like To Air Fry Them:

VegetableHow to PrepAirfry at 400°FGarnish/Seasoning
AsparagusCut off tough bottom of stem10-12 minsFresh squeezed lemon, or freshly grated lemon zest
PeppersCut in 1 inch strips15-20 minsThey are so sweet, they don’t need anything!
BroccoliSplit florets into 1-2 inch wide pieces10-12 minsSubstitute Sesame Oil for Olive and sprinkle cumin seeds/powder on it before cooking
Brussell Sprouts*Trim Stem and Cut in Half15-20 minsToss these in Ideal Protein Balsamic Dressing or Oriental Sauce before you fry them, or drizzle with it after
CauliflowerSplit florets into 1-2 inch wide pieces15-20 minsToss these in Frank’s Wing Sauce before cooking. Top or serve with Walden Farm Ranch Dip.
Eggplant*Cut into 1 inch pieces15-20 minsTop with chopped cherry tomatoes and basil
Green BeansTrim Ends, keep whole10-12 minsDrizzle with Ideal Protein Oriental Sauce
Jicama*Peel and cut in sticks10-12 minsSoak in Stevia Water and then Coat with Cinnamon or Roast plain and add salt
RadishTrim Ends, cut in half15-20 minsSprinkle with chopped Parsley
Rutabega*Peel and cut into 3/4 to 1-inch pieces15-20 minsSeason with Real Season Salt and serve with a side of sugar free ketchup or bbq sauce
TurnipsPeel and cut into 3/4 to 1-inch slices15-20 minsSeason with Real Season Salt and serve with a side of sugar free ketchup or bbq sauce
Zucchini/Yellow SquashTrim Ends, Quarter Lengthwise12-15 minsSprinkle with chopped basil.

*Remember these vegetables are on the Occasional list and are limited to 4 cups per week!

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