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Buffalo Wings by Alisha M

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Why risk the hidden carbs, sugars & cooties venturing out to get wings when you can make these amazing on-plan wings at home! This Buffalo wings recipe is the perfect snack for a special event that your guests will love. This is an Ideal Protein Phase-1 compliant recipe.

Single Serving:

6 chicken wings
2 oz IP or Walden Farms Italian dressing
2 oz Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Family Serving:

24 chicken wings
10 oz IP or Walden Farms Italian dressing
10 oz Frank’s Red Hot Sauce


2 comments on “Buffalo Wings by Alisha M”
  1. Shannon Dennis

    How do you cook these? Toss them in Italian dressing and hot sauce and then cook or cook first and then toss? Also, do they have to be cooked on the grill or can they be baked?

    1. Tammy Benner

      I like to toss in sauce before and after! I also do these in the oven and in the air fryer!

      Good Luck & Enjoy!


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