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Halloween Treats Don’t Have to be Candy!

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I don’t know about you but when October hits I know that the next three months will be filled with sugary temptations testing my willpower until the New Year begins.  This starts as soon as candy begins to flood the supermarkets and eventually my home when the kids bring home candy treats from school and trick-or-treating.

I Love Candy but Candy Doesn’t Love Me!

All it takes is one moment of weakness, one little stinking mini-snickers bar can sabotage my commitment to limiting my sugar intake. It’s amazing how one little mini candy can begin a cascading effect of not being able to control my cravings for sugar! I want one, have one, say – that’s in, and then it happens again, and again. My willpower just seems to disappear like a magician in a puff of smoke. Can you relate?

I’ve decided this year is going to be different! I’ve decided NOT to buy candy for the kids that will be trick-or-treating at my house this year. And no, I’m not going to turn my light off and miss out on kids in their cute costumes and happy energy! Instead, I’m buying the little ghouls, ghosts, goblins, princesses, and little mermaids of my neighborhood Halloween related toys!

 Fidgets – Squishies – Bouncy Balls – Temporary Tattoos!

Did You Know?

A survey of a well-qualified crowd, my own elementary school-aged kids and niece and nephew, all agreed that they would enjoy receiving toys just as much as the candy. Plus, I don’t have to worry that I’m giving kids with gluten, dairy, nut or other food allergies something that might hurt them. It feels awesome to have a healthy alternative for the kids in my neighborhood that I care about.

What’s It Going to Cost Me??

As far as prices are concerned, I found that the toys cost anywhere from 10-35 cents per item whereas as candy cost anywhere from 6-12 cents. I didn’t even figure out the cost if you’re one of those houses that give out full size candy bars! We know you’d save money by giving out toys!

While the items were a little more expensive, I found that I spent about the same amount as what I typically spend on Halloween candy each year.

Here are some of the items I chose…if you order now, they can be at your house by Halloween. I promise the kids in your neighborhood will love them.

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