Ideal Protein vs Keto?

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Many of my dieters have been coming in to the clinic upset because their friends, family and co-workers have told them, “High Protein Diets are UNSAFE!”

I’d like to spend a few minutes explaining the protein component of Ideal Protein and how the diet compares to typical Keto diets.

As many of you konw, muscle is the engine that drives our metabolism. The more muscle mass you have, the more you can eat without gaining weight. So you do not want to lose muscle mass while you diet because in the long term that makes it harder to maintain your weight.

Ideal Protein is NOT, (NOT, NOT) a HIGH protein diet. The amount of protein is the exact, or Ideal amount of protein to protect the body’s lean mass from weight loss. Protein protects the muscles from being ‘burned’ for energy. Most hypocaloric diets do not have enough protein to protect lean mass, so we lose muscle along with fat, and that reduces our ability to metabolize calories.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a low fat, low carb, low calorie diet that has a higher percentage of protein (compared to carbs and fat) than the USDA food pyramid. This does not make the diet a high protein diet.

It does however make the diet unbalanced. This unbalanced state is what allows our dieters to lose weight quickly and to target fat loss.

  Ideal Protein Keto
Low Calorie x
High Calorie x
High Fat x
Low Fat x
Animal Protein x
Plant Protein x
  High Protein Count   x
  Normal Protein Count   x

Ideal Protein is safe, and our protein is derived from plant based sources such as soy and whey isolates. (We do have Gluten free options for those you you that can’t have whey.) These plant based proteins are absorbed very easily by the body’s digestive system.

Ideal Protein vs Keto

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