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Services, Office Hours and Policies during Covid-19 During Shelter at Home Order

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In light of what’s been in the air lately, we wanted to wish you well and give you a quick update. As a food provider, we are an essential business and we plan to be open by appointment only.

We are applying social distancing principles, and have arranged to have a maximum of 2 customers in the clinics at one time. If you want to drop in and shop for items, please call ahead (425-791-2712 Marysville, 425-583-6376 Everett) or email us so that we can offer you a window of time that meets these social distancing guidelines.

Your success is important to us. If for ANY reason you are uncomfortable coming in to the office, we are offering the following options to get you what foods and coaching that you need:

  • Porch pick up service: Order and arrange a pickup time & text us your eta. We’ll call for payment and have it ready for you to pick up outside.
  • Delivery Service: Order 7 boxes or more, and Ideal Protein will ship right to your door. (Ground shipping $10-20, 3-Day $25-$30)
  • 50% off Smart Scales: Weigh at home and your coach can see your weight and fat loss! $35 while supplies last.
  • Virtual Coaching: We can have a call, or for a more personal experience we can use Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, or Skype to encourage you to stay on plan and meet your health objectives.
  • Virtual Workshops for New Clients: If you know someone that is interested in losing weight while at the same time improving their immunity with Ideal Protein,  please invite them to a Virtual Open House.     They are Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30Pm on Zoom.

For those of you not on plan, consider IP versions of groceries you are planning to stock up on. It is important with changes in schedule to have easy to make/grab healthy snacks on hand. Ideal Protein is taking additional precautions with partners, vendors and staff to ensure that our products are safe.

Like all storms, this one will clear eventually, and in the meantime, there will be work to do and milestones to celebrate. You can count on us to support your health objectives, help you manage your immunity in an way that meets your needs and makes you as comfortable and successful as possible.

And if there is anything at all we can help you with, please reach out. When times are tough, it’s especially crucial for all of us to stick together. Well… within social distancing guidelines anyway.

Stay healthy out there and we’ll see you in person soon!

With bars closed, parties cancelled and more of us cooking at home, and all of us stressed out, it may be a good time to get back on plan and have control over something!  Ideal Protein is anti-inflammatory and alkaline which supports a healthy immune system. Feel free to call me (425-791-2791) for a Refocus appointment to see if it’s a good time to reboot.

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