Ideal Protein vs Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, & Weight Watchers

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There are two things that I’d like to cover in this post.

  1. Why Ideal Protein works better than Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers.
  2. The Cost comparison of Ideal Protein vs the other diets.

The human body uses three tanks of fuel for energy: Glucose, Muscle, and Fats. It ALWAYS turns to the Glucose tank first. Once that tank is depleted, the body then turns to the Muscle and Fat tanks for energy. The challenge is that the body cannot recognize that we would like to keep our Muscle tank full, but deplete the Fat tank. It pulls from each of these tanks at the exact same rate.

So on diets like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers were you are simply reducing your caloric intake, the body is shrinking at an equal proportion of muscle to fat. This is not good for two reasons:

  1. You lose muscle mass which is the key driver of your metabolism.
  2. Muscle takes up much less room than fat, so you don’t shrink as fast as you would on a fat targeting diet.

If you regain what you lose on a typical diet, you regain it as fat!

Have you ever noticed that if you lose weight, and then gain it back again you clothes are tighter at the same weight, and if you lose the weight again you can NEVER seem to get down into that favorite pair of jeans even if you get down to a good weight? This is because the weight you regained was all FAT which takes up so much more room than muscle.

So instead of eating a typical ‘Balanced Diet’ which only allows us to maintain our current weight or eating a “Hypocaloric Diet” like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or WW, where we are indeed losing lean mass, including muscle, at the same rate as fat, Ideal Protein recommends a temporary “unbalanced diet,” in which we are giving the body the protein it needs to protect muscle so that only fat is targeted.

The results are FAT LOSS. This means that you shrink faster!

Recently I hit my 30lbs. loss mark on Ideal Protein.  I was 15lbs away from my “favorite jeans weight.” On a whim one night I tried them on. . .I was shocked to see that they FIT!!! That is because all of my weight loss is fat, so I am heading down in sizes much faster than I would if I lost THE SAME AMOUNT OF WEIGHT on WW, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem.

I’ve done all of the above diets. I’ve lost weight on all of the above diets, but it was really hard. In addition, I had to exercise so much to hit my weekly weight loss goal that I didn’t have time for anything else, and my knees and back were constantly bothering me.

With Ideal Protein, the weight loss comes with no rigorous exercise regimen. Now we’re not telling you to become a couch potato! But you will not have to kill yourself to post consistent weekly weight losses.

3-5lbs per week for Women and 5-7lbs per week for Men.

Finally CBS did a study of weight loss protocols, the time it takes to lose weight and the cost of the diet. As you can see from the results below – Ideal Protein works out to be the least expensive diet protocol you can choose.

Cost Comparison
Tammy Benner

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