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The Ideal Protein protocol is a medically-proven effective weight loss program, combining a 3-phase meal replacement program with personalized 1-on-1 weight loss coaching. No GMOs in any of our products!

Meet Zanette!

Zanette started her weight loss journey because a friend she knew “lost a bunch of weight.”

Little did she know that Ideal Protein would change her life forever. During her weight loss journey her coach pushed her to get more active. Zanette did just that, and with fantastic results! So she started yoga once she had dropped about 50lbs! That’s right, 50lbs. By the time she hit her 100lb goal she had joined a local TRX gym and now she continues to push the envelope with her workouts.

She checks in with her coach a few times a month and is confident she will keep the weight off forever. We are confident that she has the determination and tools for keep her weight off forever! We are overjoyed to have shared this grand journey with her, and will forever remain proud of her results.

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