Ideal Weight Loss Helps Physicians Assist Patients Achieve A Healthy Weight

Doctors, surgeons & physicians everywhere all struggle to help their patients lose weight. Ideal Weight Loss Clinic helps physicians with this very problem!

A Close Caring Approach

Patient-first appointments in a comfortable setting, with weekly coaching and monitoring.

Healthy Weight Loss
Our scientifically proven weight loss protocol, allows people not only to loss weight, but to benefit from the positive health effects that a healthy weight and diet can provide. This allows physicians to care for their patients needs without the obstacle of being overweight.
A Tailored Approach
We want your patients to feel the “wow” factor when they visit our clinic. To achieve this, our weight loss coaches make everyone feel comfortable. We get to know everyone’s personal weight loss goals and needs to better provide weight loss in Marysville & Everett.
Everything You Need
At Ideal Weight Loss Clinic, we provide a full range of food and coaching, that results in a comprehensive weight loss solution. Any physician can feel assured that their patients are in good hands. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to help your patients.
Comprehensive Patient Care

The Ideal Weight Loss Clinic allows you to give your patients more than just necessary health care, it allows physicians to comprehensively improve the lives of those they care for. The Ideal Protein Protocol gives people a diet for the rest of their lives.

Ideal Weight Loss Clinc changed my life!!! She keeps me motivated and on track, makes me want to live a better life!!! I lost 70 pounds and I've never felt or looked better. My outlook on food has totally changed. I can truly say that my lifestyle has changed, not just my diet. Thank you!!!

~ Kimberly J Marysville, WA

Tammy is amazing - motivation with real truth - just what I need! Laura P Everett, WA

~ Laura P Everett, WA

Still Not Convinced?

Feel Free to Ask All The Questions You Need

Helping Patients Lose Weight

Thousands of patients around the world are unable to receive the necessary health care they need, due to weight. Ideal Weight Loss Clinic helps physicians get their patients weight under control, in a healthy manner.

Don't Hesitate Any Longer

The epidemic of Obesity is on every Doctors mind at some point, in some way or another. The Ideal Weight Loss Clinic allows Doctors to partner with a clinic that has proven results for a healthier life.

No Coaching Necessary

Coaches who receive extensive complimentary training from Ideal Protein do all the counseling for your patients. Physicians simply provide medical insight and monitor the health of their patients while on the protocol.

Patients With Significant Health Problems

A health profile must be completed in order to determine a client’s health status to guide his or her weight loss plan. The provider communication workbook is an invaluable tool for keeping the dieter’s physician informed of progress and results each week.

Ready to Take Your Patient's Care To The Next Level?

We are thrilled to answer any question you have and offer simple ways for your patients to being losing weight for good.