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Why Choose The Ideal Protein Diet?

Because you deserve personalized care helping you achieve your weight loss goals

What To Expect At Your First Visit?

Here is what you can expect from you first at Ideal Weight Loss Clinic

Calm Atmosphere

We create a comfortable environment with our gentle approach where we can discuss your health.


Everything Is Explained

So you feel comfortable and informed, we take the time to explain all the steps for you.

The IdealSmart App

The IdealSmart app is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant created to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals while on the weight loss phases of the Ideal Protein Diet.

One-on-One Care

You ALWAYS enjoy one-on-one care with our expert weight loss coaches.


Full Exam

Each client starts off with a comprehensive consultation which includes a review of your health profile, in depth conversations about your weight loss goals and health concerns, and finally  detailed instructions for your path to success.

Personal Care Team

Your weight loss coach will spend time discussing your diet and steps, and will be ready and waiting to assist you every step of the way!

On the Go

As you progress through the Ideal Weight Loss Protocol you are begin to make “Smarter” lifestyle habits, such as learning healthier eating and knowing value of regular exercise. The IdealSmart App is the an simple, convenient, and helpful tool Ideal Protein has developed to assist dieters in establishing these healthier new habits.

Regain Confidence & Happiness

One of the reasons we do what we do here at Ideal Weight Loss Clinic is because we love to make people’s lives better. Seeing people feel happy and confident and healthy again gives us more joy than we could ever imagine. Come share our excitement and join the thousands of pounds lost. Regain your confidence & health!

Do You Have Any Questions?

That’s okay! We’re masters at answering them. Consult our FAQ below or give us a call!

  • How much does it cost?

    It’s $499 to start. This fee includes initial consultation, body composition analysis, measurements, 25 Ideal Protein meals, a month supply of vitamins, Blender bottle, Salt,  Ideal Protein tote bag and coaching. The ongoing weekly cost is $160 per week which includes 21 foods, supplements and a free item (like salad dressing) to keep things fresh. We DO have a 6-Week Challenge price of $199 per week – so you can ask about that!

  • What are the different phases of the protocol?

    Phases 1-3 are the Lifestyle Building Phase of the protocol while Phase 4 is the maintenance period that we call Lifestyle Living because it is how you should live for the rest of your life. Phase 1 is the weight loss phase, while Phases 2-3 transition you from losing weight to stabilizing and maintaining your weight.

  • How does Ideal Protein Differ from other weight loss methods?
    Unlike other low calorie diets, Ideal Protein targets fat loss while maintaining muscle. In addition Ideal Protein offers measurable, repeatable predictably results with weekly coaching sessions to keep you on track.
  • Is this a high protein diet?

    No. Ideal Protein is designed to deliver .5 gram of protein for every pound of lean mass. This is the minimum protein required to maintain your muscle while you lose weight.

  • Is exercise allowed?

    Exercise like walking, biking, yoga, or pilates are encouraged while on Ideal Protein. Intense exercise like cross-fit, boot-camps, or heavy weight lifting are discouraged. There are a lot of reasons to exercise which do not include weight loss. Exercise clears your head, reduces stress, boosts your immune system,  lifts your mood, and improves sleep. We want you to work out for THOSE reasons, and that means you can keep the intensity low while still achieving maximum weight loss and health benefits.

  • How long does the program last?

    Phase 1 lasts until you hit your weight loss goal. Most women lose between 2-4lbs per week, men lose between 4-6 per week. We track weekly weight loss average with estimated time to goal, so on weekly basis you will be able to know where you stand with your weight loss journey.

A Happier You

With the Ideal Protein Diet Plan, you will not only rediscover your ideal shape, but you will also significantly improve your health. The Ideal Protein Diet was designed to ensure a nutritionally comprehensive weight loss program. A plan for your healthy future.