Why Does The Ideal Protein Diet Work?

The Ideal Protein diet is a three phase, medically coached meal replacement program.

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Protein Intake

Protein is the main building block in the body, is the primary component of most cells, and is essential to human life. During digestion, protein is metabolized into amino acids.

These essential amino acids must be consumed in the daily diet, and are found in all of the Ideal foods.

An Imbalanced Diet

The Ideal Protein Diet Plan is nothing like the typical diet that offers packaged foods, it targets FAT LOSS. The Ideal Protein diet focuses on eliminating carbs from your diet for the initial stage.

This “imbalanced diet” takes your body into ketosis that allows your body to burn stored fat as energy, while still maintaining muscle mass.

The Pancreas

Whether or not the pancreas is working properly partly determines one’s predisposition to gain weight. A properly functioning pancreas is essential to healthy weight loss.

The Ideal Protein Diet is a short-term “treatment” program for the pancreas as well as a program for fat loss.

Great clinic! Stephanie, Janet and Tammy are so helpful and encouraging. Highly recommend this clinic. No added sales pressures whatsoever. Whether a few lbs or more than a few lbs to lose, they can help!

~ Sandra H Everett, WA

This is one of the easiest things I have ever done. I use to be a super small lady until I hit my 40's then wow what the heck. But with the support of Tammy at Ideal Protein I have found my way back to being a healthy eater. I have an auto immune disease and this diet is perfect for what I have. Thank you so much Ideal Weight Loss Clinic for making my diet journey so easy!

~ Client in Lake Stevens, WA

A Medically Developed Weight Loss and Weight Management Protocol

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The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass.

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