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Zanette - Weight Loss Patient from Ideal Weight Loss Clinic
Chad - Weight Loss Patient from Ideal Weight Loss Clinic
Sarah - Weight Loss Patient from Ideal Weight Loss Clinic

Meet Zanette!

Zanette started her weight loss journey because a friend she knew “lost a bunch of weight.”

Little did she know that Ideal Protein would change her life forever. During her weight loss journey her coach pushed her to get more active. Zanette did just that, and with fantastic results! So she started yoga once she had dropped about 50lbs! That’s right, 50lbs. By the time she hit her 100lb goal she had joined a local TRX gym and now she continues to push the envelope with her workouts.

She checks in with her coach a few times a month and is confident she will keep the weight off forever. We are confident that she has the determination and tools for keep her weight off forever! We are overjoyed to have shared this grand journey with her, and will forever remain proud of her results.

  • Healthier Body
  • Self Confidence
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Weight Loss for Life
Meet Chad & hear his outstanding story!
Exercise alone wont do it

Chad is a long distance cyclist that has been trying to out-bike his fork for many years. While his cycling workouts increased, surprisingly so did his weight. Diagnosed with high blood pressure, Chad decided that he needed to try something new.

Chad lost 54lbs in 18 weeks with Ideal Protein. He can now wear his letterman jacket from high school, and his blood pressure is perfect. One of Chad’s goals was to beat his cycling partner of over three years in a race. His partner was usually ahead of him by 30 minutes or more – this year Chad crossed the finish line first.

Chad Biking after weight loss

Say "Hello" to Sarah!

Sarah is a Wellness Consultant who wanted a little extra Coaching Help.

Sarah is a Wellness Consultant that knew it was important to her business to embody a healthy lifestyle. She had done all the right things. She was eating whole foods, had rid her home of toxins and finally decided that she needed a coach.

The Coach was exactly what she needed! Sarah lost 78lbs of fat in 29 weeks, and she has enrolled in yoga teacher training. She is finding that with her regular exercise routine and loose keto regimen that it is easy for her to keep off the weight. She is a great example, and we are thrilled we were able to help her reach her goals.

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  • Feel Better

  • Look Better

  • Successful Coaching

This is one of the easiest things I have ever done. I use to be a super small lady until I hit my 40's then wow what the heck. But with the support of Tammy at Ideal Protein I have found my way back to being a healthy eater. I have an auto immune disease and this diet is perfect for what I have. Thank you so much Ideal Weight Loss Clinic for making my diet journey so easy!

Julie Anne – Lake Stevens, WA

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