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No more feeling left out when Popsicle-Joe comes circling the block! Us Phase 1 dieters are set for the summer with this tasty treat!


1 IP Vanilla Premade or Drink Mix
1 Tangerine Water Enhancer


Add Tangerine Water Enhancer to Vanilla drink & shake until fully dissolved. Pour mixture into Popsicle molds & freeze.

My molds were a little smaller so 1 premade made 6 popsicles, they took about 30 minutes to freeze. If you want them to be stronger in orange flavor you can add more of the tangerine. These are an absolute delight on hot days!

2 comments on “Creamsicles”
  1. Cheryl

    Do you make the water enhancer with water then add the vanilla drink to it?

    1. Tammy Benner


      You can use the Tangerine Water Enhancer, OR you can use the Orange Drink Mix. If you use the Orange Drink Mix, then you would split in in half if you want ONE Ideal Protein food. Some people really lose their appetite when they get in ketosis, so for them using two products like this at once can be a blessing.

      Good Luck! Tammy

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