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Can you Reverse Type-2 Diabetes?

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Read the Results of this Amazing Study and Pass it On!

It’s been 100 years since the discovery of insulin as treatment for diabetes. For type-1 diabetics, this is standard and almost always a necessary treatment, as type-1 diabetes is a chronic genetic condition where little or no insulin is produced.  Type-2 diabetes or “adult onset diabetes” which is also been treated with insulin or other glucose lowering medications, is preventable and reversible.

In a recent study conducted by the University of British Columbia, a dietary protocol was tested as potential interruption of type-2 diabetes with astounding results, which were published in 2021. This study was a peer reviewed, randomized controlled trial of a pharmacist-led therapeutic dietary approach using a calorie and carbohydrate restricted protocol.

The Participants

188 total participants, with an equal number of men and women were divided into two groups. The average BMI (body mass index, based on height:weight relationship) was 35 (Class I Obese), with an average of 10 years since their type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

The Process

98 of the participants were given a pharmacist-led energy and carbohydrate restricted protocol. Specifically, the Ideal Protein protocol and meal replacement products were used, along with weekly weigh ins and coaching for a period of 12 weeks. 12 pharmacies in British Columbia participated in the study.

90 of the participants continued treatment as usual, which included glucose lowering medications for the same 12 week period.

The Ideal Protein Protocol and Products

The Ideal Protein protocol is a partial meal replacement, carbohydrate and calorie restricted protocol, which includes meal replacement products, low glycemic vegetables, lean proteins, oils, and vitamin supplementation for micronutrition. Ideal Protein clinics are located in pharmacies, medical offices, as well as medically supervised stand alone clinics across North America. It is the original and gold standard for calorie and carbohydrate restricted programs. Ideal Protein manufactures a proprietary line of meal replacements, each with 15-20 grams of protein designed to spare muscle mass while reducing fat. The hallmark of Ideal Protein is the combination of quality products and weekly 1:1 coaching with highly trained professionals supported by a team of doctors, pharmacists, dieticians and nutritionists.

Primary Outcomes

The primary question was to determine if people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes may reduce or eliminate glucose reducing medications by following an energy and carbohydrate restricted protocol.

The result: After 12 weeks: 35.7% of those following the Ideal Protein protocol were able to completely eliminate all glucose lowering medications. 


The group following treatment as usual had no change at all.

Secondary Outcomes

The participants following the Ideal Protein protocol also had the following average secondary outcomes:

  • A 1.4% reduction in A1C 
  • 34.3% reduction in triglyceride levels
  • 26.5 lb. weight reduction
  • 4.5 inches waist circumference reduction
  • 4.4 reduction in BMI points
  • 3.7% reduction in body fat

ADA Declares Type-2 Diabetes Remission

The American Diabetes Association has declared that remission of diabetes is not only possible, but will be declared after 3 months of normal blood glucose levels. This is life-changing news for those who thought they might be taking medications for the rest of their lives.

What it All Means

The UBC study shows that many people can reduce or eliminate glucose lowering medications by following an energy and carbohydrate restricted protocol. A diagnosis of type diabetes, pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome conditions can be reversed through specific dietary changes.

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